Martock Youth Parish Council

Martock youth parish council



Martock Youth Parish Council

The Youth Parish Council is an elected body of young people of ages 11 to 18 whose role is to represent youth issues and needs in Martock.

The role is :

  • To ensure a locally based group of young people is able to meet regularly as a mirror image of Martock Parish Council.
  • Enabling access to a wider range of young people’s opinions and to act as a voice for all local young people.
  •  In addition to support the work of other Martock groups and delivery of the Martock Local Community Plan.
  • Whilst managing and efficiently utilising the Youth Parish Council budget.
  • In addition to providing a mechanism to enable issues of concern or praise be brought to the attention of local decision makers.

Contact Lou Chant for more information

Contact number 07402 987921 or email

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